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Jealousy are a normal emotional state, we have all felt at some time, but do not remember it. We were all children and childhood is from where we direct our research about envy and jealousy. Jealousy of the brothers, jealous before classmates jealous when your partner maintains some kind of relationship with someone of the opposite sex ...
is inevitable, if lacking in character or behavior of a person, we deduce that have undergone repression and play strong in unconscious mental life as important a role as if it were manifest. Now we find an explanation of those people who vehemently defend them, arguing that they have never been jealous when he tells us that psychoanalysis is a fundamental component of psychic life. The universality of the phenomenon must make us reflect and include them within normal constitution, regular psychic subject.
We can distinguish three cases or unusually intense degree of jealousy: Jealousy
  
Jealousy Jealousy projected delusional jealousy
on normal we can say that basically consist of sadness and pain for the purpose loved one who is believed lost, narcissistic offense we feel about the fact that we love it, want now to another person. Also consists of hostile feelings against the preferred rival and self criticism, as I want to do the responsible for the loss of love, something we have done or not done for our couples no longer want or wish us.
This jealousy is not fully rational, ie born of present circumstances in proportion to the real situation and dominated by the conscious self. Prove to have deep roots in the unconscious, perpetuating child affective impulses from the Oedipus complex or the complex fraternal sexual period.
In terms of work, this type of jealousy, is caused when two people get along very well, one of them is moved emotionally by a new person in place with respect to the other.
This can lead to the transformation of feelings of love in hateful, not only to the person generating jealousy, but also towards the partner with whom affection bound him, and that love and hate, they are still the heads and tails of the same coin. This hatred, which is hidden the great love he had for the person. No wonder we have the appearance of resentment towards the beloved companion can even lead to a feeling of vengeance, whose most common manifestation, is to boycott their work or disturb their relations with others.
projected born Jealousy in men as in women, the subject's own infidelity or impulse to commit them, but relegated, by repression, the unconscious. Those who deny experiencing temptations of infidelity in marriage, they feel such pressure, they often turn to an unconscious mechanism to alleviate it, projecting their own impulses to infidelity on the person to whom they should save. That is, they are very moralistic, as are those who, in fact unconscious desire to transgress the rules of marital fidelity.
Social customs have room on the desire to please a married woman and the desire to conquer the married man, hoping to lead and the inclination to infidelity and make it harmless. In the treatment of jealous individuals must avoid discussing the material in which support can only try to change its interpretation.
This type of jealousy, invades and disturbs many relations. Generally, it is easy to see on a person jealous peers or directives figures. There is a moral, ethical, religious adjoining it leads to not accept the existence of jealousy and envy less. Less favorable
delusional jealousy are also these trends stem from repressed infidels, but the objects are of a homosexual fantasy. Serve as an attempt to defend against a powerful impetus homosexual. In delusional jealousy of the other characters are types. The paranoid jealousy, recognizes an unfaithful spouse rather than their own, expanding gigantically the infidelity of his partner, get maintain his unconscious. The jealousy of the paranoid serve to reject their homosexuality.
The first situation occurs in the Oedipus complex, when it appears the third, and my mother wants something beyond me: a man, a job, a poem, the world. Ie I'm not the only object of desire of my mother.
love is always a work and no jealousy without love, but it is the pathological jealousy of a love to be built without accepting the differences. The jealous recognizes the existence of another similar to something like, the envious wish that the other has not.
unlimited sexual freedom does not attempt to outperform the ban. The need Erotic psychic loses value as it becomes easy and comfortable satisfaction. For the libido reach a high level is necessary to oppose an obstacle. The psychological importance of a growing momentum to ban them.
The satisfaction is not possible in the nature of the sexual instinct there is something unfavorable to it.


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